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41-year-old Desirea Thompson of Mentor-on-the-Lake longs for the days when she could participate in sports. She said heavy workouts at a work facility and the competition aspect of Lighten Up will be just what she needs.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So I have been reading everyone's blog about emotional eating!   I myself had a day like that today, happy to report every time I thought of eating the wrong food I drank water. 

As my family and friends already know this, I am going to share with everyone else!  This past year I ran for city council for Mentor on the Lake.  Unfortunately I did not win, I lost by a slim 107 votes.  I found out this weekend that a council member is resigning due to a new job position (congrats to Andy Rose).  I now have the opportunity to apply for this position and fill the remainder of his term if I am selected.  I have been working on updating my resume and cover letter for the past two days.  Being very anxious and nervous about these events I have wanted to eat anything and everything!  I was able to control these feelings and make healthy choices!

Wish me luck!! 


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